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The company organized its staff to carry out League building activities in Huangshan
By admin 2020 | 11 | 24

Editor's note: In order to reflect the corporate culture concept of the company, thank all the staff for their long-term contributions and hard work to the development of Corechem Group, so that everyone can enjoy the pleasant scenery of nature after work. The company organizes employees in batches a three-day trip to Jiulong Waterfall, Huangshan Mountain and Hongcun Village. The first batch of employees went on a trip from September 28 to 30.This trip allowed everyone to indulge in the landscape, temporarily forget the tension of work, enjoy the joy and pleasure of traveling, and appreciate the magical work of nature. Compared with the joy of visiting the beautiful scenery, what is more touching is the intimate friendship among colleagues who are close to each other as a family. During the journey, everyone laughed and talked happily and intimately, cared for each other, and never influenced the team because of individual. Through this trip, the mutual understanding between colleagues has been deepened, communication has been smoother, and the distance between heart and heart has become closer. During the trip, everyone not only appreciated the natural landscape, but also gained the precious friendship among colleagues.

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