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Care for the staff, warm the hearts of the people
By admin 2020 | 11 | 24
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Every baby is formed from the mother's womb to fall to the ground, and their mother goes through countless hardships during the process of pregnancy. In order to carry forward the glory of motherhood and to reflect the company's care and love for employees, the comprehensive management department of Corechem visited and condoned three maternal employees on behalf of the company, and gave them cash gifts and the company's blessing and warmth. Everyone carefully inquired about the new mothers' postpartum recovery and their babies' feeding conditions, and some even taught them exclusive parenting experience, and specially told them to pay attention to their health and take good care of their babies.

The company has been persistently carrying out the activities of "sending care, sending condolences", caring about the lives of employees in many aspects, and sending care to the employees with sincerity and warmth. Thereby enhancing the sense of belonging of employees and improving the cohesion and centripetal force of the company.

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