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Emotion and Stress Management Training of Corporate Culture
By admin 2020 | 11 | 24
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On September 22, 2020, the company organized and carried out the training on emotion and stress management of corporate culture, which was explained by Mr. Li Gang. Through various interactive games, Mr. Li let everyone understand the importance of sunny mentality and positive thinking in a happy and joyful atmosphere, and explained the source of stress, the manifestation of emotions, the method of decompression, and how to communicate effectively. The one-day training is novel and rich in content, which benefits the trainees a lot.

With the increasingly fierce social competition, we are facing more and more pressure from work, family and social interactions. If the long-term heavy pressure and bad mood can not be relieved and adjusted, it will directly affect personal physical and mental health, thus harming our work, family and social interactions. Therefore, how to correctly understand the stress and emotions, how to create a sufficient sense of self-security, how to draw up a realistic ideal of life, how to grasp the smooth interpersonal relationships, how to maintain a good self-mind, and how to clearly understand the status quo are the issues we need to think about. Correctly understand the stress and emotions, distinguish the signs and symptoms of stress, identify different sources of stress, master the intervention and coping strategies of stress, learn a set of effective relaxation methods, maintain a good attitude, and shift the focus of work to the most suitable place. It is necessary to learn how to deal with the trivial and chores in work, find out the symptoms of stress, the impact and the causes. It is necessary to study stress relief methods and self-stress management strategies. Through the training, Mr. Li gave the following suggestions:

Maintain a good attitude, humbly learn from others, hold a grateful attitude and a spirit of ownership, and take the initiative to do your own work with a sense of responsibility, while helping other colleagues to improve team cohesion.

Learn some basic knowledge of emotional management, have a clearer understanding of emotional management, and constantly adjust yourself to get rid of the control of negative emotions.

Recognize the internal and external causes of stressors, understand the relationship between stress and work, and understand how to cope with stress.

Through effective communication, we can achieve good interpersonal relationships, communicate in action and in heart. If there is no communication in life, there will be no happiness; if there is no communication in work, there will be no fun; if there is no communication in career, there will be no success. Therefore, it is necessary to attach importance to communication and learn to communicate.

If we want to be successful, we must recognize our own roles in different environments, know how to change roles at all times, and constantly adjust our emotions and stress correctly, so that we can reduce the impact of negative emotions to the lowest limit of self-control, can maintain a positive attitude and take every day seriously. Whether it's complaining or joy, we have to spend every day. Why should we choose complaining instead of joy? Keep optimistic, don't complain, improve yourself, and not be intimidated by setbacks. Sometimes, tribulation is also a precious treasure. "May it's a blessing in disguise", let's find the beauty, tolerate the past, make good use of the present, serve others, improve emotional intelligence, and move towards success.

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