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The Style of Unity and Cooperation The Factory Held the Third Employee Whipped Eggs Competition
By admin 2020 | 11 | 24
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Whipped Eggs is a grassroots entertainment project from the folk, originated in Huai'an. It is one of the most popular sports in Huai'an. There is a popular saying in Huai'an: Eat without whipped eggs, equal to not eat.

In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, enhance the friendship and exchanges between various departments, and stimulate the sense of unity and cooperation among team members,  the company’s labor union held the third employee whipped eggs competition of Jiangsu Corechem on the afternoon of August 1st. This whipped eggs competition is to take advantage of the workshop maintenance interval at the end of the month and is carefully organized by the labor union to build a platform for company employees to communicate with each other and enhance friendship. At the same time, it is also for employees to get a moment of rest and relaxation during busy work. The competition received positive response from various departments, and a total of 76 employees signed up for the competition.

The competition is a team of 2 people, with the representative team as the unit, and the team will take the elimination system. In the course of the competition, the players in each group were attentive, resourceful, calm and cooperative; the spectators were nervous and silent, or had a good laugh, all secretly cheering for the players they are concerned about. The atmosphere was tense and warm, and the whole stadium was full of laughter. The score of the card game caught up with each other.Some were far ahead and blundered, and some started badly from behind, but no matter the victory or defeat, everyone was happy and happy. After half a day of fierce competition, Li Tianwu and Zhu Yunrong won the first prize; Hu Jianqiang and Guo Zhengcheng won the second prize; Hu yuezan and Ma Zhengyang won the third prize.

In this event, the two sides competed against each other in terms of skill and wisdom, and achieved results and friendship. It showed the positive spirit of the company's employees, and enhanced the attractiveness, cohesion and centripetal force of the trade union. The employees enhanced mutual understanding in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere with intense excitement. Everyone expressed that they would devote themselves to the work with more enthusiasm, creating a good and harmonious corporate culture atmosphere for the healthy and sustainable development of the company.

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