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The Factory Organizes the Training of Internal Auditors of ISO Three Systems
By admin 2020 | 11 | 19
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From August 13th to 15th, 2020, in order to improve the management level of ISO three systems and improve the management skills of the managers and internal auditors of various departments, the factory held the first phase of ISO three system internal auditor training. This training invited Mr. Wu Ping, a senior consultant from Great Wall Consulting Company and a national witness auditor, to give a lecture. The heads of various departments and internal auditors actively participated in the training.

In the training, Mr. Wu Ping combined his years of system review work experience and deep understanding of the system, using practical examples such as charts, record samples, data statistics, etc., to explain clearly, vividly and clearly. System clauses, concepts, methods, tools and theoretical knowledge concepts make it easier for trainees to learn, understand and master. During the training process, trainees actively participate in teacher interaction.

Through the system training, all trainees understand that in terms of learning methods, the three steps of absorption, digestion, and release should be taken. First, learn and understand the content of the system in depth and meticulously, and absorb the essence of the system; then through practice, digest and understand the principles, significance and applicable methods; finally, in the practical application of the system operation, effectively implement it to achieve the goal of system operation. In the system construction, maintenance and internal audit, three core processes should be paid attention to: COP-customer-related process, MP-management process, SP-support process. The basic thinking of system construction and operation is based on risk thinking. In internal and external audits, the complete identification of risks needs to be fully and effectively identified from six aspects: related parties, outsourcing, customer demand, infrastructure, special processes, customer property and supplier property. For the effectiveness of the implementation of the system, it should be considered and implemented from the six dimensions of human, machine, material, method, environment and measurement. The basic core method of the three systems is the PDCA Deming circle.

The training not only further deepened everyone's knowledge, understanding of the management system, but also played a positive role  in the continuous improvement of the company’s management system and the promotion of the management level of various departments. It also made the trainees feel that it is not difficult to implement the system. What is difficult is to effectively and persistently promote  the construction of the enterprise system and form a sustainable development quality management concept and system management thinking. Only when all employees fulfill their responsibilities and make joint efforts, can we continuously improve the level of system management and escort the long-term development of the company.

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