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Corporate Culture Salon Starts
By admin 2020 | 06 | 20
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On April 25th, Jiangsu Corechem’s Corporate Salon resumed after the epidemic, and it was shared for the first time in 2020 by Liang Shuang, the deputy general manager of the factory. The shared theme was "Stress and Emotion Management". This training sharing is an extension of the corporate culture. The main purpose is to consider the pressure of everyone during the epidemic. In today’s society, everyone is facing pressure from work, family, social interaction and other aspects. She hopes that through this training sharing, while alleviating her own pressure, she can act as a middle-level manager of the enterprise to sort out the bad emotions of employees and make them more healthy.

The training content is mainly divided into four parts: company’s corporate culture, common stress and negative emotions, correct understanding of stress and effective decompression methods, and what managers should do when employees have bad emotions. The training was shared in the form of cases. First, let everyone understand that common negative emotions can be expressed as: fear, worry, anxiety, daze, meaninglessness, looseness, etc.; second, let everyone correctly view and analyze pressure. The pressure is not nothing but harm, if handled properly, it can improve our performance and overall health, make people’s hearts stronger, deepen interpersonal relationships, generate new perspectives, and make we have a stronger sense of meaning. In work and life, we must learn to analyze problems from more angles by adding observation points; we must learn to improve the "positive ratio" and turn our attention to more positive details. Finally, as managers, when employees have emotional fluctuations or stress, they should use a five-step communication method to help employees relieve stress, stabilize their hearts, and enhance their sense of belonging.

In the discussion session of the salon, everyone actively talked and shared their experiences in daily work, as well as coping strategies when faced with anxiety and stress. Through this study, everyone has learned some techniques for reducing negative emotions, as well as methods for better control of their emotions, which has laid a certain foundation for establishing a good life, work and study habits.

The general manager of the factory, Yuan Qiaomei, said in her concluding speech, the purpose of corporate culture learning is to allow everyone to have more perspectives to think about problems in their work, expand the ways and means of work, and improve the business level and management ability.

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