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No Rehearsal of Life, We Are in Action
By admin 2020 | 07 | 10
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On the afternoon of April 17th, 2020, in order to improve the safety awareness of employees and further popularize fire safety knowledge, Corechem Group launched the fire drill. This drill is mainly to familiarize the company's employees with the operation methods of fire fighting equipment and the escape route when a fire occurs, improve the employees' ability to respond to emergencies, and master the self-rescue escape skills and fire fighting methods.

The fire drill is mainly divided into two parts, and the group's comprehensive management department is responsible. The first part is an emergency drill for the use of fire extinguishers. It mainly explains the use of the company's existing portable dry powder fire extinguishers: first remove the lead seal, pull out the insurance pin, and hold the hose in one hand; people should not be too close to the fire source, and aim the nozzle at the root of the flame, press the handle with the other hand, and the dry powder can be sprayed out to extinguish the fire. After the explanation, in order to better understand the operation methods of fire fighting equipment and the handling process after a fire emergency, enhance everyone's fire consciousness, improve fire fighting and handling capabilities, participating colleagues began to take turns to practice operations. In the second part of the escape exercise, when the simulated alarm sounded and smoke came, everyone covered their mouth and nose with towels or napkins, arranged in a row, evacuated from the stairs in an orderly way, and ran to a safe area to gather. The purpose of this escape exercise is to enable the staff to better understand the company's fire protection system and fire escape routes, and to improve their abilities to save themselves.

Although this exercise is not long, everyone has learned the basics of firefighting during education and fun, so that we have a certain understanding of fire safety and accumulated some experience, which has laid a certain foundation for the future response to emergencies. To analyze the gains and losses of this exercise, we must strengthen our own knowledge at first and fully understand the importance and necessity of fire safety. Furthermore, we should carry out more such activities, so that all employees can receive lessons and improve themselves during the activities.

The Fire drill is only a part of safety management. Safety prevention runs through all aspects of enterprise management and is the first priority of enterprise development. Safety is not about shouting slogans but about realizing the importance of safe work from the perspective of ideology, so that all employees have safety in mind and value safety.

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