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Corechem Group's Factory Hold The Second Staff Table Tennis Competition
By admin 2020 | 07 | 10
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In order to enrich the spare time of employees, strengthen the communication between the various departments of the company, and create a harmonious and positive corporate culture atmosphere, the second staff table tennis competition of Jiangsu Corechem was held in the union activity room from June 12th to 13th. And this event received enthusiastic response and active participation from nearly 100 table tennis lovers in various departments.

The competition set up two items for men's singles and women's singles, adopting an 11-point system and international table tennis competition rules. It was conducted in a cheerful and harmonious atmosphere. In the competition, the players were full of energy and calmly challenged, some of them made precise shots, some backhanded, some had a flexible re-issue, some were aggressive, and there were contests among them, which attracted live audiences and applause from time to time. The referee of the competition is methodical and strictly notarized. After two days of intense competition, Gao Weirong, Ma Ruche, Zhang Heng, Zhou Juan, Zhu Xueyun and Zhou Ling won the top three in men's singles and women's singles respectively.

In this competition, the players discussed and exchanged with each other, which not only showed the spirit of tenacious struggle and courage to strive for the first, but also enhanced the cohesion and centripetal force between the employees In particular, with the strong support of the leaders of the company, we will guide the employees of the whole to strengthen their health, enjoy joy, enhance feelings, and establish a healthy life concept in sports. Colorful cultural and sports activities are conducive to the company to promote the creation of corporate culture and create a harmonious, happy and civilized working atmosphere.


The picture shows the scene of the table tennis competition.

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