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Corechem Group's Factory Carried Out a Comprehensive Safety Emergency Plan Drill in 2020
By admin 2020 | 07 | 10
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In order to test and improve the company's employees' safety emergency thinking and awareness, enhance emergency response capabilities, mechanisms, and coordinated combat capabilities, according to the company's comprehensive emergency response plan for safety production, after careful planning and detailed arrangements, the company's comprehensive emergency plan drill was carried out on June 23th, 2020.

The company's general manager Yuan Qiaomei served as the chief commander. The drill was conducted in strict accordance with emergency procedures and operating procedures. The production management department, C101 workshop, warehousing and logistics department, the EHSS department, and the comprehensive management department coordinated and used the company's fire pipe network and fire monitors, toxic gas detection alarm, spraying and other emergency rescue equipment linkage operation, by simulating the scene of ethylene oxide storage tank leakage, fire rescue team and process disposal team jointly to deal with the scene, personnel rescue, pouring operation, valve replacement and other emergency rescue operation. In order to deal with similar emergencies, we have accumulated experience, strengthened the coordination of joint operations between departments and personnel, and improved the ability of emergency teams to coordinate operations.

After the drill, the company's deputy chief engineer Zhang Wei and general manager Yuan Qiaomei commented on the effect of the drill. This comprehensive safety emergency plan exercise was fully prepared and well-organized. The participating departments cooperated closely, which not only tested the level of emergency rescue and command and dispatch, but also tempered the team and improved the ability to achieve the expected goals. In the future work, we must also strengthen the comprehensive practical exercises of emergency rescue to ensure effective results at critical moments. In the details of the drill, it still needs to be further improved, and it is necessary to make targeted rectifications to accelerate the improvement of the company's emergency response mechanism and disposal capabilities.

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