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Focusing On Prevention, Combined With Fire Prevention
By admin 2020 | 07 | 10
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In order to further establish and improve the factory’s file management and improve the safety awareness of the archives management, the Comprehensive Management Department re-improved the construction of the hardware facilities of the archives, adding fire extinguishers, temperature and humidity meters, camphor pills and other equipment, striving to make the work more detailed.

June of this year was the 19th "Safety Production Month" in the country. Chen Jie of the EHSS Department organized training on the basic knowledge and skills of fire prevention and fire extinguishing in the archives. All employees of the Comprehensive Management Department participated in this training and jointly carried out file management fire safety inspections with the EHSS Department on a regular basis to rectify the fire hazards in a timely manner.

As a special scientific and technological file, drawings play an important role in activities such as factory production and capital construction. The drawings are mostly blueprints, and paper fibers are fragile, easy to age and break. The content usually includes design drawings, construction drawings, completion drawings, etc., which occupy a large proportion in the factory's paper-type files. The storage of these drawings is usually classified according to the project monomer, and the special counter storage is implemented and kept separately. Store camphor pills, desiccant and other file "preservatives" in the archives at appropriate points, and do a good job of preventing pests, mildew, dust, moisture, fire, etc. to ensure that the archives’ work are safe and proper, so as to maximize the extension the life of drawings, improve the value of storage and use.

In the management of archives, fire management is the top priority, preventing and avoiding fire hazards to archives and ensuring the safety of files. The archives administrator should check the operation of fire fighting, temperature and humidity meters, lighting and other instruments and equipment every day, keep the internal and external environment of the archives clean, clean the ground once a month, and conduct a comprehensive cleaning of the warehouse every six months. It is the responsibility and obligation of department leaders and the archive administrator to do a good job in the archives’ safety management.

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