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The EHSS Department Won The Honorary Title Of "Jiangsu Workers Pioneer"
By admin 2020 | 07 | 10
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Recently, good news came from the Jiangsu Federation of Trade Unions. Jiangsu Corechem’s EHSS Department was awarded the Jiangsu Workers Pioneer in 2020, which is the only unit in Suhuai High-tech Zone to receive this award.

There are 11 people in the EHSS Department, including 2 undergraduates, 9 colleges, 6 party members, and 3 people hold the National Registered Security Engineer Certificate. As the safety management department of the hazardous chemical production unit, the EHSS department has always adhered to the concept of "responsibility and safety first", creating the performance without safety accidents in 930 days.

The EHSS Department created through the second-level safety standardization to implement the national safety production policies and various safety rules and regulations of the enterprise into safety production management, and to all operations and personnel. With the efforts of the EHSS Department, Jiangsu Corechem took the lead in passing the second-level safety standardization acceptance in Suhuai High-tech Zone in September 2017.

The EHSS Department is improving of the safety production responsibility system to implement safety goals and performance appraisal, and strengthen the company's safety management. Through the improvement of the safety quality of employees, it can promote the standardization and institutionalization of enterprise’s safety. Through anti-"three violations" and safety inspections, the hidden dangers of various accidents were discovered and eliminated in time to ensure the company's safe production.


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